Patient Care Aide

for COmputech in Saint Paul, MN USA


  • The PCA must have current BLS certification (healthcare CPR course)</span></li>
  • This role may not fulfill recertification requirements for certain designations</span></span></li> </ul> Responsibilities:</span></strong></span>
    • Supports supervising providers in providing holistic, evidenced-based care inclusive of accurate assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management of health problems, health counseling, and disposition planning for our patients. This includes education and treatment for pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infection (STI) Prevention, and safer sex practices.</span></li>
    • Ability to perform Basic Life Support (BLS) assistance, including but not limited to performing CPR and operating an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).</span></li> </ul>

Job Info

  • Job Category: Healthcare / Nursing

    Location: Saint Paul, MN USA

    Zip Code: 55105

    Company Name: COmputech

    Company Type: We are Recruitment / Staffing Firm

    Posted on: 09/20/2023

    Viewed: 477 times

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