About AmericanJobs.com

North America's fastest growing career portal, Job.com is pleased to introduce you to a new approach to job searching. AmericanJobs.com brings value and functionality to the world online job boards. Through our partnership with Indeed, a vertical job search engine, AmericanJobs.com's members can search tens of thousands of jobs in just about every industry, city, state and zip code.

AmericanJobs.com offers the hottest job listings from some of the nation's top employers, and we will continue to add services and enhance functionality ensuring a more effective job search. For example, during a search, job seekers have the ability to rollover any job listing and read a brief description of the position to determine if the job is exactly what they're searching for. This practical feature allows job seekers to only research jobs relevant to their search. By including elements like this, AmericanJobs.com can help reduce the time it takes to find and apply to the best, available jobs.

The team behind AmericanJobs.com is dedicated to connecting people with great jobs along with the most time and cost-effective, career-advancing resources. It is our mission to develop and maintain a website where people can go to work!